lhpc is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

by B. O'Leary


LesHouchesParserClasses (LHPC) is a set of classes for interpreting files in the Les Houches Event File (LHEF.) format and SUSY Les Houches Accord (SLHA: original SLHA1 and extended SLHA2) format. It also parses Flavor Les Houches Accord (FLHA) files, though with less functionality. This set of files is the version written in C++. There are 3 main parts to LHPC: the LHCO parser and associated structures; the LHEF parser and associated structures; and the SLHA parser and associated structures. There is also code to automatically plot SLHA spectra using the SLHA parser, though this requires the use of external programs: gnuplot, latex, dvips, and ps2eps (or ps2epsi).

Latest LHPC release (0.8.12)


LHPC has not yet been published as a standalone, but is used by Vevacious, as explained here: Vevacious: A Tool For Finding The Global Minima Of One-Loop Effective Potentials With Many Scalars


Should be as simple as downloading, untarring, and running make (compiles with g++ version 4.2 and later).